Sunday, October 23, 2005

East Meets West

One of the on line groups I'm with always has interesting ideas for projects. Jessica, creator of A Musings newsletter was talking about Zen gardens. I've always admired the simplicity and serenity of Zen gardens.

Someone (Barb?) mentioned that the project I did for the found object contest on amstamps looked like it belonged in a Zen garden. AHA! Now I knew what to use for the Zen garden I had been planning.

I put it on some lovely sand and found some nice smooth river rocks.

My muse wandered in. Her hair, dyed a horrific shade of magenta, hadn't been combed recently. She was wearing a poorly fitting gold lame' gown, some truly tacky costume jewelry and way too much gaudy makeup.

She put her cigarette out in the nice clean sand and said, "That ain't workin' ".

I don't know how she talks me into these things.

What can I say? I do admire the simplicity and serenity of traditional Zen Gardens. But I also grew up in Las Vegas.

Top view

Asian influence

This piece was created for a found object challenge with the After Midnight art stamps group. It started with a plastic film canister and some small plastic tie down strips.