Saturday, August 30, 2008

A day out with Brandi

I spent a day out with my friend Brandi. She could have a good time if she wandered into hell itself, so an outing with her is always a joy.
She will probably eventually have some photos on her blog too.

I got out the camera as soon as we got in the car. You never know when a good photo op might happen. ;)
This is dangling from Brandi's rear View mirror.

Shot from the window of a moving car. Odd angle- but I had to get a photo of the COLORS!!!!

I love the different street lamps in the Portland area. I must have a few hundred photos of street lamps. One of those things I can't seem to resist photographing.

Lots of cool details on the buildings.

I snapped this photo when we got out of the car after finally getting to the Alberta Street area.

All in all, it was one of those very memorable days.


We got a bit lost trying to get to Northeast Portland to check out the scene on Alberta Street.

We noticed this interesting building with a high hedge around it. We had to turn around anyway, so we stopped to see what it was.

We peeked in and saw this beautiful, serene park like setting. We couldn't resist and found ourselves wandering in through the open gate.

There were wonderful statues, welcoming rock paths, fantastic flowerbeds.

I do love taking flower photos.

I wish I knew what this was. It was a tree covered with flowers.

Even the bees were peaceful.

This strand of prayer pennants stretched over head.

The lighting was not good this time of day (afternoon sun) to get a full photo of this statue, but I liked the detail shot.

I think this might be my favorite shot of the day.

Everyone we talked to here was friendly and open. They didn't seem to mind having a couple of crazy tourist types wandering about in their space snapping photos.
Gracious, kind people who made us feel welcome.

Last Thurday of each month there is an open market on Alberta Street.

Gotta love any place where you can hang out with the gnomes.

Lots of people and lots of dogs- but all the dogs were well behaved. So were the people.

I was very impressed with how mellow the whole scene was. Good vibes and all that. :)

Lots of pretty bits everywhere you looked.

Flower vendors even.

Lots of street performers and just interesting people wandering about.

I like the fact that Alberta Street respects the graffiti artists. I wonder if all of the cool graffiti style paintings on the walls are commissioned and have had permissions granted or if they are spontaneous. I'll have to ask some locals next time I'm there.

So many innovative types of artwork displayed. I didn't snap photos of very many of the art pieces- wasn't sure if that was OK or not. But this one was too interesting to pass by with out a snap shot.

I SOOO WANT on one these. The artist let me try one on. What fun!!!

This mosaic work was very striking.


I could gain a lot of weight if I spent much time here...

I do not know what this is. I didn't try any. I didn't have any cash with me and it seemed unlikely that they could take my debit card. ;)

Sweet young people though- and they just had such a nice 'aura' to them that I had to snap a few photos. I think this shows the "flavor" of the Street Fair well.

This place smelled GREAT. Lots of options for inexpensive food you could carry around and enjoy out of hand.

I love crepes. Made me wish I hadn't already stuffed myself at the really great restaurant we found.

Everything here looked so fresh and glorious. They were grilling corn on the cob that looked yummy too.

I snapped this photo while I was eating my lunch. Portland restaurants are great places for people watching.
I hope she doesn't mind having her photo posted. I should have asked. But I did think she was a great example of the colorful people you see in Portland.
Beautiful lady.

This expresso vendor sure hit on a great idea. LOL

Music at the Alberta Street Fair - Last Thurday of the month

I loved the music. There were street performers everywhere.

This couple was delightful.

This woman was soooo classy. Beautiful performance.

This group was a lot of fun. Brandi has a video of him playing on her blog.

Great face.

I like the way this shot came out. :)

Another delightful duo. I am always amazed at the sounds they can get out of a saw blade.

The street music and crafts seem to compliment each other so well.

I LOVE Digeredoos!

We saw a big crowd up ahead. Heard this amazing music. I had to get up close and see what was going on.
Capoeira! This was the first time I had seen it performed. WoW!!! so much energy.
I managed to get some Flip video.