Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gourd Mask

I've been attending a gourd art retreat at the Midnight Art Ranch.

One of the classes from Bonnie Gibson was on masks.

I LOVE masks. I've been involved with theatrical role playing groups and have done some costuming for Fantasy/Sci-Fi convention activities- mainly for hall costumes. I've had a lot of fun with masks.

I suspect some of the serious gourd art people at this retreat had to try not to look askance at my mask. ;) I think they see gourd masks as a traditional type of art.

I just saw the gourd as an interesting new surface to do the type of fantasy mask I prefer to work on.

I LOVE my mask. It isn't finished. It will need a lot of beading - and possibly some wire wrapping and....hmmm...with any luck I will be able to restrain myself after that point.....

I was very happy with the Fantasy Film and Radiant Rain and Memory Mist sprays on this. And the micaceous iron oxide worked great. :)

Gourds are a fun surface to play with.