Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I was leaning over a bridge- a lot of space between this leaf and the nearest stuff in the background.
Got a LOT of blur in the background. :)

I like the depth of field in this. The shot turned out more interesting than I expected.
Driving home- took this shot from the car while driving over one of the downtown bridges.

This probably isn't the best shot of the seagulls- but it is my favorite.
I like the contrast with the green grass in this one.

I think he has noticed me.
Probably hoping I will have a snack for him.

Seagulls seem to like posing.

more gulls

I was afraid the buildings in the background would foul this one up- but the blurring worked fine.
What is left of the pier base.
Took a lot of photos at this spot.
I like a lot of them.

Not sure why I find these groupings of posts in the water so intriguing.
I guess there must have been a pier here at one time.
The hills in the distance were hazy in real life.

The bunches of grass on the tips of the posts is very interesting....


I like the look of these posts sticking up from the water.

Altered Book- theme- Demons

I signed up for one of those round robin swap thingies. First time I've ever done that.

Got a book to work in with a theme of "demons".

Right up my alley. I have always loved drawing demons. Some are creepy, scary- some are beautiful creepy, some are just weird.

I started playing around with different demon drawings.
I even did a brand new sketch to use as a base for this.
I like him a lot- he has rather feline features and striking eyes.

This first attempt is just too chaotic- even for me. LOL

So... I decided to print out some individual pics and play around with them and see what I could come up with.
Pencil sketch colored in Photoshop.
I love the depth of color and textures I can get working digitally for adding color to sketches.
I printed this one on glossy photo paper and then added dimension by using a stylus and paper stumps to model the form of the face. I backfilled it with molding paste so it wouldn't get flattened out.
I did water color washes on the edging paper. I am beginning to appreciate water colors.
I took a beginning class from Cory Celaya and have managed to overcome my terror of this medium. ;)
I used a woodburning tool to distress the edges of this. The paper has numerous cuts and slits in it.

Details of demons

This is an old sketch of mine colored in Photoshop.
I printed it out on heavy cardstock and used a stylus and stumps to dry emboss parts of it. I even used an Exacto blade and cut through in places where the image has wounds.
Then I cut away portions of the background paper and played with some water colors and distressing techniques.
Finished Altered Book round robin piece.
I'm very happy with the way this one turned out.
So happy in fact, that it is difficult to send it away.

Does anyone else have that problem? A reluctance to send off artwork you have become fond of.