Tuesday, June 12, 2007

More GeoDeco thingies

I need to get to the craft or bead store and pick up some more wire to add to these.
I think the pounded wire elements add a lot.
But they are ok without it too.

The Yupo/Radiant Rain piece makes for a nice background for photos.
The heavily textured parts of this are made from a pebble surface wall paper.

No folds in this one- just layering.

Not a very good photo- but I like the way the long strips of cardstock can be twisted.

I love the close ups of the textures I get with the Radiant Rain over the Rust O Leum hammered metal paint.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Radiant Rain mists over enamel

I have become intrigued with the way the Radiant Rain spray mists react when you put them over wet enamel based paints.

Close up of texture.
I had put a few coats of 'hammered metal' enamel spray paint on a wooden piece. Then I spritzed on a bit of the Radiant Rain water based paint. Then a light coat of the spray enamel.

I'm likin' this...