Thursday, November 05, 2009

Updating after a very long and busy while

My friend Adrienne, form Wales, came over for a visit.
They apparently do not have Asian markets in Wales.
I thought she might get a kick out of Fubons. :) I noticed things that I might not have noticed if I was just doing my usual shopping and not showing it all off to a visitor. ;)

A welcome kitty of course.

This lovely shrine was set up near the front of a store.

Great color, texture, line and form in this screen.
Made me think of some of the assignments for my photography classes.

Wonderful patterns.

Such creative packaging.

I suspect I will be using some of these images for collage work...

Everyone was so friendly.

Adrienne said this was one of her favorite teas. Loved the display.

Lots of dragon motifs.

I had to stop for a bubble tea. MMmmmmmmm- Bubble Tea!!
Adrienne was not impressed. LOL

Looks like he must have had a great laugh.

Parrot Fish


Food colors in Asian stores can be a bit disturbing for some of us. ;)

All of the labels are sooo bright. The whole store is a riot of color.

The produce section is fantastic.

Color- yep- lots and lots of color. Supersaturated, sometimes garish, always joyous color assaults your senses at every turn.

Sometimes it is hard to decide if the colors or the textures are most appealing.

Seriously textured

I found myself wishing I had some molding compound...

This will make a nice layer for adding textures in Photoshop. :)

More texture...

More texture... and interesting colors too.

Really loved the textures in this screen. I took a lot of photos of this...