Saturday, June 02, 2007

Detail of texture.

Can't wait to pull off that masking tape. It will go into some other project...

I know you aren't supposed to mix water base paints with enamels and such...
But I had to try it anyway.
I don't know that this will hold up. It might all peel off at some point.
but maybe not. I got more great textures.

I mixed some spray enamels, spray glue, spray webbing and Radiant Rain paints.

Corrugated Rain

Not sure what I will do with this piece either.
The Radiant Rain stuff is very cool on corrugated cardboard. Especially nice when folded to reveal lots of different colors....

Textured Radiant Rain

I have been having another play with the Radiant Rain sprays and daubers.
I added some swirls of Crafter's Pick Glue and coated it with Opals clear embossing enamel.
It did a lot of popping and bubbling when I heated it. Gave a very interesting texture.

I put a few more coats of the Radiant Rain over it. The sprays and daubers react differently to non porous surfaces. Heat set the whole thing.

I wanted this for a background- but now I hate to cover it up.
It might become a book cover...


Close ups of texture.

Friday, June 01, 2007


Went to the park. Many ducks.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

super macro

Super Macro setting on new camera is awesome.

I love doing closeups of flowers.