Thursday, September 04, 2008

Fairie World

The local Audubon society had a booth at the Fairy World Fair.

It is a real treat to see these birds up close and personal. They are all birds that have been rescued and can't be returned to the wild.

Love this little guy.

The coloring and marking on this barn owl are amazing.

What a face!!!

The profile shot is very cool.

But there were a lot of other winged things to see at the Faire too. ;)

Winged Things

I've always loved fairy tales and fantasy artwork. The Fairie World conventions are such a joy to attend.
Lots of cute little fairies.

They have wings for everyone.

These were my most favorite wings of all. I want to make some like this.

I love the iridescent wings. I need to try my hand at these to.

Lots of variety in wing styles.

Love the way the light reflects from this type.

I thought these dragonfly wings looked a lot like the ones in my real dragonfly photos. :)

I really need to create some of these flags for my yard.

Alexander James Adams

Not all the fairies are cute and sweet. Some are just totally hot. ;)

Alexander James Adams was playing with Tricky Pixie. They put on a fantastic show.

Find out more about them at the Faerietale Minstrel website.