Saturday, May 10, 2008

Alien Artifact

Had a friend over to play in the studio. She got some great colors and textures on an altered book cover she was working on. I had to try her paint combinations.

I've been playing with some papier-mache techniques. I'm working on an alien artifact. :)
My flip video came in a very cool box.

I put a layer of papier-mache over the outside to cover the seams. Then I started adding layer of paints and stuff for textures.

I haven't started working on the insert part yet. I think this will have some lights and stuff. I used spray enamels (a pearlised black and some hammered brass) with a coating of Radiant Rain sprays for the interior.

I used some Golden products- stainless steel paint, molding paste, micaceous iron oxide. Used a bit of Stewart Gill paint as an undercoat on parts and some Fresco flakes on top.

I also added some black hotglue bits and some Fashion Flakes for gilding and some metallic buffing waxes.

The cool part was overcoloring the whole thing with the Radiant Rain sprays. Wow- that stuff really gives an interesting finish. I used mostly one of the copper ones and the golden bamboo.

I scraped through all the paint layer for more texture in parts- and resprayed those areas with the Radiant Rain sprays.

I've gotten some very gnarly textures going so far.

I think I'm going to like this piece.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Fairy Child

Photoshop to the rescue (again)

This adorable child is constantly moving. It is hard to get a clear photo of her in low light. I was using the auto mode- and ALL of the highlights were totaly blown. :(
What to do?

I tried about a million things in Photoshop and finally got something that sort of works. I had to layer different filter modes and really work the image- but I ended up with something usable.