Monday, July 25, 2005

Ok- so I,m not any better at keeping this updated...

I've been busy. That and my friend, Juliet, got me some new mindless video games. I waste way too much time playing video games.
I actually stamped something today. I am playing with tetrahexaflexagons. They are easier to make than I thought they would be. I got excellent instructions and a template from Annette from OZ. I'll be posting a link here soon for a webpage I'm putting up showing the "how tos" on these.

Speaking of Annette- it's funny how the internet can let you connect with people in other parts of the world- people you would never have been aware of otherwise. Annette is another artist that I really click with. Love bouncing ideas back and forth with her. She always has a totally unique take on things.

I've also been playing with the Kaleidoscope Kreator software. Another very addictive little computer toy.


Susan of Ephemeria said...

I'm glad to have been directed here and luckily I can leave a comment. I guess it's because at one point I had to be a "community member" to leave a comment for someone else. Yegads. So I promptly started a blog in addition to the lifejournal.

This one is at and I've done next to nothing with it. But it could be a place for links to people like you for example. Let's talk.

Suzanne, the marketing maven at
has some fab things to say about blogs as a form of self-promotion. So I'm really trying to be good about it and actually posted the newest atistamp there to promo it before it's even on my website. Who knows - might work!

Zeborah said...

I have no idea why I start these things. LOL Or even why I have webpages.
I think you get addicted to seeing your work and your words on a webpage.

I've always been an admirer of your work Susan. and of your marketing knowhow and drive.

I don't think I have the skills, or maybe it is that I don't have the motivaton, to market my work.

I had an offer to show some pieces at an art sale next month. I have no idea what I'd do for it though.

I felt honored to be asked. Great group of local artists. I went to their last show and was quite impressed. Even bought some artwork. ;)