Tuesday, December 06, 2005

More PMC

It's so easy to add stones to your pieces with PMC. (Precious Metal Clay)

I used lab grown gems- less likely to crack.

You can put the stones in before firing and don't need anything special to "set" them with.

The tiny leaf was done with the slip form of PMC. You can paint this over any organic matter, leaves twigs, butterfly wings!- or use paper clay or cork clay- and it creates a replica in silver. The organics burn away and you are left with just the silver piece.


Pauline said...

These PMC things are beautiful! I have been wondering if I should have a go at it myself --can you give me an idea of how much $$ one would need to get started, kiln, tumbler, etc. and all?

Zeborah said...

I just now realized that I had comments here. !!
I think I spend about $1000 on my start up supplies. the kiln is the thing that takes the big bucks. ;)