Tuesday, May 29, 2007

super macro

Super Macro setting on new camera is awesome.

I love doing closeups of flowers.


Cindy Key said...

Zeborah - these are gorgeous! I love that you were able to capture the sparkle in the Iris petal! WOW!

Justin Black said...

I remember taking black and white pictures on a cheap Nikon or some such and getting messy with toxic chemicals just in the hopes one photograph was reasonably pretty. Technology really changes everything.

You make it seem so easy. You have quite a natural talent for photography, even if you confuse the nomenclature.

This has become my little Zen stop on the web. Thanks for sharing.

Zeborah said...

Great to see you here!

Next time you are in town you can play with the new camera. It is sooo easy. LOL Makes anyone into a "photographer".
Off to check out your blog. :)