Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I loved working with the waxed linen adding coiled basketry to this gourd.
Linda and I stayed up late in our motel room having a great time coloring our gourds with Luminarte's Radiant Rain sprays and Stewart superior Memory Mists. I added some clear gourd wax after I got the colors I wanted- highlighted with some gold colored wax too.
I'm hoping to add some woodburning details to this (and I'll finish up the weaving.)

I was getting a bit better using the dremel tool by this time. You can get some great texturing effects.

This is one of my favorite techniques! I need to keep working on this and get it all smooth and perfect. :) I really like the way it is coming along.

This filigree technique was the last class of the session for us. I was finally feeling like I was really getting the hang of carving with the dremel. With any luck I will locate my flex shaft and it will be easier on my hands. LOL
I felt like I had a lot more control at this point. I'm still sloooooow- so didn't get very far. but I think I'll like this when I get it finished.

The faux basketry was a lot of fun. It was so much easier than I had expected.
This still needs some painted detail for more depth and realism.
I need a REAL woodburning tool. Wow! The one Bonnie let me borrow was awesome.


Mary Lou said...

Simply BEAUTIFUL!! Had you not told us this was your very first class, I wouldn't have believed it.
I am now eager to try this.... Unfortunately it's November in New England and it will have to wait until spring. :)

Rosie said...

The fact that you enjoyed your classes shows through in the gourds you have made - I'm totally in awe... wonderful and the RR spray colours are stunning!

sabine said...

I think this is fantastic !
Thanks so much for sharing !

Yogi said...

Hi Zeb
These are all fabulous. You make me want to try doing some. Alas I have no room in my home to put any anywhere. Maybe I could find some really small ones...
Take care Yogi

Aileen (Pronounced A-Leen) said...

Zeb your gourds are awesome!! hard to imagine those are your first ones!! As always its a pleasure to visit your blog and see such great eye candy, thank you!!

Carol said...

These are all beautiful. I especially love the one you colored! I never knew gourds could become such fabulous pieces of art!

Anonymous said...

Very nice work. I found your blog from a link at Bonnie's site. I have only just started my first gourd. Your work is inspiring since you have not had much experience. I really should go down and do a class with her: I live only 99 miles away. I'll check back on your blog and see what you're up to. You mention a 'real' tool, is that something different from a dremel?

Zeborah said...

I meant a real wood burner tool. I had been using one at home I picked up in a craft shop.
For the faux basketry technique we used professional wood burning equipment and I had so much more control.

I used a Dremel for the carving.