Saturday, December 08, 2007

Geodeco Thingies challenge

A while back I started playing around with folded shapes, trying to use up some scraps of pretty papers.
The technique sort of 'caught on' and other people started doing variations on the concept.

After Midnight Stamps

sent out a challenge and received some wonderful entries.
Check out the results:

Geo Deco Thingy Challenge


This 'n That said...

Zeb, I told you that these amazing things would be the new inchies. That is not giving them enough credit, though. Do you remember way back in Jane's Lab when you first introduced us to them. I was completely enthralled and now I am amazed at how they are evolving. Too bad I can't predict the stock market like that! Thanks.

Judi Foster

Zeborah said...

Thanks Judi!
This has been such fun to watch how it has evolved.
You and Legs were right about it. LOL
I just thought they were sort of fun to play around with.
The artwork done for the challenge at After Midnight was awesome. I got see it all in real life (I went down to AZ to photograph them for Linda)