Sunday, February 10, 2008

I am discovering beer

I have a friend who is teaching me the joys of beer drinking.
I always thought I didn't like beer. I am discovering that there are some wonderful beers, stouts and ales that I LOVE!

I like taking photos of beer too. :)


Kris Henderson said...

Beer rocks!
Check out
(beer for chicks)
Love your photos.


Zeborah said...

Wow Kris- your blog is awesome!!!!
Web page is great too. :)
Thanks for the beer link.

denise's little birdie studio said...

I too did start drinking beer until I was in my mid thirties. I always thought it tasted skunky. Unitl my boyfriend turned m on to some great imports and micro brews. But I warn sneeks up on you and before you know it 5 - 10 extra pounds! he he

tunadancer said...

try Blue Moon... I'll bring you a bottle next time i come... kim... your new friend, lol

Zeborah said...

LOL I'll have to introduce you to my beer drinking buddies.

BTW- the transfer using the Golden absorbent ground ended up working!