Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Color Sprays

Working with color sprays, Radiant Rain by Luminarte and Memory Mists by Stewart Superior. I got mine from After Midnight Art Stamps.

I also used some Micaceous Iron Oxide (Golden brand- heavy body) and probably some other stuff..... this has been a work in progress for a while now.
It is just a paper box- I think it came with a candle in it or something...

Top of box.

Side 1.

Side 2.

side 3.

side 4.

Top of box embossed with Cory Stamp from After Midnight using Stewart Gill embossing powder.

Not sure if I need to do any more embellishment on this or not. I really like the colors and textures- not sure I want to cover them up.


Michi, Orange County, CA said...

OHMYGOSH!!!!!!! This "just a box" is a BEAUTIFUL piece of art, Zeborah!!! The colors, the textures, the subtle organic designs simply FLOOR me!!!! I LOVE it! I LOVE it! I LOVE it!!!!!!

Diane said...

That is really stunning, Zeb. The colors are wonderful.

Unique Trunk Show said...

Zeb, I love this box. It looks like an ancient find. Great job!

Kim said...

I really like the color and texture too Zeb - don't do a thing until you're sure!

trisha too said...

that is gorgeous--you're right, you don't need to add anything else!

Willow said...

I love what you have done with that box Zeb!!! It is gorgeous just as it is...but if you decide to add more, knowing you, it will just become more magnificent. I also just browsed through your photos and they are so beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing all of it!! Hugs, Willow

Sharon House said...

This is just gorgeous Zeb! You do such wonderful work. Gotta get me some of those Radiant Rains LOL


Carol said...

Gorgeous, I agree with you, it is so beautiful just the way it is.

inge said...

Hello Zeborah,

the box is very nice : you're right about the colors and textures.
The piece stands on its own, doesn't really need much extra.

By the way : I love your banner ! I love the cats eyes !
I guess you're a catlover too ( we have 8 cats for the moment...)

Inge from Belgium

Audrey Huffman said...

Zeb you've outdone yourself on this one. Wow, beautiful, gorgeous, etc, are not justified to describe this piece. I don't think you should do anymore to it as it is beautiful beyond words. Thanks for sharing. Audrey