Thursday, September 04, 2008

Fairie World

The local Audubon society had a booth at the Fairy World Fair.

It is a real treat to see these birds up close and personal. They are all birds that have been rescued and can't be returned to the wild.

Love this little guy.

The coloring and marking on this barn owl are amazing.

What a face!!!

The profile shot is very cool.

But there were a lot of other winged things to see at the Faire too. ;)


Debby said...

These photos are so breathtaking. I just don't even have words. Beautiful!

Shelley said...


Fantastic photos! Was the Fairie World convention in Portland or was it the one in Eugene?

Your blog is absolutely my favorite...You've introduced me to so many cool things happening in our town!

I'd love to know more about Fairie World...I love all things fantasy and Celtic...and you are right...that guy from Tricky Pixie is one HOT elf!


Zeborah Loray said...

It was the Fairie World in Eugene.
Actually, just outside of Eugene. LOL
The directions from their website were not the best- but we finally found it.
Alec also plays at one of the Lucky Lab Pubs locally. :)

Rosie said...

I think your photos are stunning. Thanks so much for showing them. Take care, Rosie (Hereford UK) said...

Stunning photography and artwork! Thanks for the break from the regular ole' work day!
Palms waving aloha,
debz said...

Those are some gorgeous photos! I can see so many art projects with them. Will you be creating with them?