Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fantasy gourd

I collect carnival glass.
When I discovered that I could get a finish that looked very much like real carnival glass using Fantasy Film, I went a little crazy and started 'canivalglassizing" anything and everything I could get my hands on.

I LOVE the way it looks on this gourd. :)

The textures are yummy too. I'll be using this close up shot of the textures in something at some point I'm sure. ;)


Michi, Orange County, CA said...

Hi Zeborah!
I love textures, too! These textures are such eye-candy!!!! They're just GORGEOUS!!!!!

Evelyn A said...

How in the world did you 'iron' that on the gourd??? It's beautiful.


WOW!!! Zeb the gourd turned out amazing.Well done
Annette In Oz

Gina said...

Zeborah, I love these pics of the cool gourd and also all the wonderful textures in your paintings below. Oh, and the bird photos- wow! Gina(art retreats grp)

Anonymous said...

Oh that is gourdgeous! Sorry! I just couldn't resist a little corny humor.
To me, the close up looks just like black opal. What color or colors of film did you use?

Cindy Key

Christy said...

This looks 'lit from within' it just glows. I am in awe of this and your amazing abilities and creative process. Thanks for sharing!

morningDove said...

the texture is yummy. I see so many possibilites with the pic. Great color. I have some film - wonder if i can get it to work like yours?!