Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New stuff

Been doing some new stuff.

Took some classes in Arizona. Had a great time. Really love the necklace I did in Cory Celaya's class. I'm even reasonably happy with the beading I did on this.

Very much like the coloring. I need to play with this technique more. I've got a lot of new ideas for this. :)

I think I need to do some mini book covers in this manner. I love the weight of them and the vibrancy of the colors.
Using the clear (Franklin) OPALS embossing enamels really makes these POP!

Everyone thinks they are glass. they sure look and feel like glass.

Cory is such a fantastic artist. *sigh* I miss her. Can't wait to go back for another visit.

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One Creative Queen said...

WOW Zeb - your art is phenomenal. I am in love with your photography - it's stunning and amazing and really draws on emotion...and I'm NOT a photography person at all! Your blog is great and I really enjoyed poking around - please keep posting. You do magnificent work and I will definitely keep visiting! Katherine