Sunday, April 08, 2007

Photography class

I'm really enjoying taking an on line photography class. It is taught by Jessica of She is such a wonderful instructor.

I'm ending up with a lot of pics that aren't quite right for the assignments, but they are pics I like.
It's really making me remember to take photographs more often- and that is what I need to do- take more pictures, get more practice.

I'm actually figuring out what the different manual controls are! I have options other than Auto mode now. :)

I enhanced a few of these in Photoshop.


k baxter packwood said...

I named my squirrel "trouble" looks like ours could be related!

Scrappy Cat said...

You've got some great shots here Zeb - I love the bee on the yellow flower, the lily, and the lone apple. And the dog is too funny!

Zeborah said...

Thanks Cheryl,
That is my niece's dog. Hard to get a good photo of her. Molly tries to climb in your lap as soon as you get down close enough to take a photo. LOL