Thursday, May 03, 2007

Stop with the wings and hats

Can we just stop with the wings and hats on everything.


Legs said...

EEk! I hopt that'll scare then into stopping!!!

Seriously. what is it you think, besides the sheep mentality, that makes people copy other people who have copied other people who have, etc.....

Are they too scared to try something new? Too lazy? Too afraid someone might not like it if they did???

I thought this "look" would have faded long ago and I just can't figure out the attraction....


Zeborah said...

I think you hae listed a lot of the reasons. LOL

I guess they want to be part of the "in crowd". They want to feel that they belong and wish to show that they can conform.

Somewhere along the line they have lost sight of the fact that art should/can be used to express their own visions.

Suz said...

ROFL! I'm really enjoying looking at your blog but had to comment on this. I am so with ya!