Saturday, August 30, 2008


I could gain a lot of weight if I spent much time here...

I do not know what this is. I didn't try any. I didn't have any cash with me and it seemed unlikely that they could take my debit card. ;)

Sweet young people though- and they just had such a nice 'aura' to them that I had to snap a few photos. I think this shows the "flavor" of the Street Fair well.

This place smelled GREAT. Lots of options for inexpensive food you could carry around and enjoy out of hand.

I love crepes. Made me wish I hadn't already stuffed myself at the really great restaurant we found.

Everything here looked so fresh and glorious. They were grilling corn on the cob that looked yummy too.

I snapped this photo while I was eating my lunch. Portland restaurants are great places for people watching.
I hope she doesn't mind having her photo posted. I should have asked. But I did think she was a great example of the colorful people you see in Portland.
Beautiful lady.

This expresso vendor sure hit on a great idea. LOL

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