Saturday, August 30, 2008

Last Thurday of each month there is an open market on Alberta Street.

Gotta love any place where you can hang out with the gnomes.

Lots of people and lots of dogs- but all the dogs were well behaved. So were the people.

I was very impressed with how mellow the whole scene was. Good vibes and all that. :)

Lots of pretty bits everywhere you looked.

Flower vendors even.

Lots of street performers and just interesting people wandering about.

I like the fact that Alberta Street respects the graffiti artists. I wonder if all of the cool graffiti style paintings on the walls are commissioned and have had permissions granted or if they are spontaneous. I'll have to ask some locals next time I'm there.

So many innovative types of artwork displayed. I didn't snap photos of very many of the art pieces- wasn't sure if that was OK or not. But this one was too interesting to pass by with out a snap shot.

I SOOO WANT on one these. The artist let me try one on. What fun!!!

This mosaic work was very striking.

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Diane said...

This looks like my kind of day...a wonderful time, I'm sure. Beautiful pictures!