Sunday, July 06, 2008

Summer Photos

I take a wide variety of photos.

Sometimes I am taken by a texture or color.

I love taking macro shots.

Some photos are taken with the intention of turning them into Photoshop brushes.

The winds were very strong during our trip to the coast. It buffeted the camera around quite a bit. Made it hard to get decent photos. I need to remember to put the tripod in the car next time. I always forget the tripod.
The winds were nice for the kite enthusiasts though.


Rosie said...

Zeb, aswell as all your gorgeous artwork, I just love looking through your photos! I shall never forget the bears! Is there a tutorial somewhere for making brushes in Photoshop? (I'm guessing you weren't actually born knowing how to do this?) *grins*

Zeborah Loray said...

There is a "make this into a brush" command in Photoshop. No trick to it- Photoshop just does it for you. :)