Friday, September 25, 2009

Out and About (with camera)

One of Portland's nicknames is Bridgetown.

We had to stop by the hospital to pick up a prescription.
This fellow was circling overhead. Not a good sign... ;)

Then we headed for:

Lovely rural community with no free parking. I don't think they want visitors.
We did stop by the Bybee-Howell house.

Late afternoon. I liked the way the sun was shining through the branches.

Still some nice flowers blooming- although they were looking a bit tired.

Berry season is very close to over.

I have been wanting to get photos of this old building along Highway 30 for a long time. I only got a couple of shots before the security guard came over and told us that we couldn't take photos there "because of 911". Yeah, right. grrrrrr

Jax had an explanation for this house: Fishmen.

We decided to drive on out to Scappoose rather than try to get back through Portland during rush hour.
We found a surprisingly good restaurant!

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